Travelling in Croatia: Samobor, Varazdin, Plitvice + Zagreb

As I have shown in previous posts about my Erasmus in Croatia the country is absolutely beautiful, diverse and worth seeing, totally. I will present last important spots that we visited when winter time has came plus a glimpse of Samobor which we spontaneously visited on sunny day.

The city of Samobor is small and close to Zagreb so we decided to spend there sunday afternoon in October. Actually I do not recall anything very specific about this place but as it was a tiny town and a great weather it was just pleasant to walk around. We also met some Polish people around and got to know that we can no more talk in Polish about any bullshit that comes to mind because people actually understand. We’ve learnt our lesson ;p The most important spots in Samobor are the King Tomislav Square and remains of Samobor Castle.

Because my photos were sadly not worth showing

Another one day trip was Varaždin. As usual we took outs cars and that time headed to this city in northern part of the country. We didn’t know much about that place so we pretty much wandered until the cold took us to relax with (excellent I must add) Croatian coffee. Varaždin was a really nice place although there was actually nothing going on around. Well, it was winter and the city is not big so I could understand, anyway I think it was a good place for a little getaway. The Old Town was very nice and the main spot of the city – Varaždin Castle – is a really good one. There were also narrow streets in medieval style and a square already prepared for Christmas. It was not very exciting but we enjoyed the visit.

20141130_131157 CAM03740 CAM03747                                                           CAM03766







Our very last trip in Croatia was a visit to Plitvice National Park. It is said that one should see this place either in summer when it’s all pretty and sunny or in winter when we can see waterfalls frozen. We chose winter but not exactly the perfect timing because everything was already melting. Anyway, despite really cold weather, we had fun and the views were actually breathtaking. That time it was quite hard to get it, snow was everywhere, we wore a few layers of clothes and even walking around was an effort but it only made the whole trip better.

CAM05235 CAM05236 CAM05265


CAM05284 CAM05346 IMG_8661



Pure happiness as we reached some top






IMG_8678 IMG_8679



IMG_8761 IMG_8770

Bonus: a glimpse of how it looks like in summer (definitely must-see).

I think this is my last post about Croatia as for now so I have to show a little more of our beloved Zagreb as well.






CAM05380 CAM05392 IMG_5839 IMG_8795 IMG_8802 IMG_8806





Before I went for Eramsus to Zagreb many people told me it’s a boring city with less to see and do. Well, maybe for tourists it is but for us it was another home for a few months and the pictures just remind me how much I liked being there. A whole new perspective of life, slow and calm in comparison to Warsaw, but not less interesting. Next Erasmus is in Istanbul, only one month left, I think this will be a blast! Just sad that this time without my team.