Ankara during Bayram (plus Yalova)

My classes at Istanbul Univeristy were supposed to start two weeks ago but surprisingly (or not?) I haven’t attanded any courses yet. One of the reasons was Bayram (known as Eid al-Adha in Arabic world), the festival of sacriface, which is celebrated among Muslim people. As we knew we are not going to have classes this week I got an idea to visit Ankara and I didn’t have to wait long for people to join me. Every Turkish person I asked told me that Ankara is boring but I coulnd’t jugde before I see the city. We took a bus (after 30 mins of sleep due to home party a night before I treated the bus seat as a bed) and in 6 hours we reached the capital of Turkey. Because of the holidays most of the places were closed nevertheless we enjoyed way more without the crowd. Wide, empty streets, perfect weather, space, views and everything else made out visit pleasant.

We visited Genclik park along with its amusement park (we had some fun there as well) and spend a really nice evening over there. We walked A LOT in Ankara nd due to that we have seen much more than just the “must see” spots. Obviously many (MANY) things are reminding of Ataturk and his efforts to make Turkey as it is now. We visited Ataturk Mausoleum which was much more than impressive. Huge territory, beutiful gardens (parks?) around, big buildings, details from his life, his successes and some pictures of the battles and much more… Some pople say this is the only place worth visiting in Ankara but we have seen other interesting things as well. The Museum of Anatolyan Civilization was a good place to learn about the roots of the country we live in now. We walked to the hills, saw the castle, many mosques (visited one as well, I just love them) and ended up in a place that looks like somewhere in the Alps. People were VERY nice, helpful, many of them spoke great English and we only met kindness. Ankara was quite empty at the time but it gave us an opportunity to see other things, besides people 😉 The architecture sometimes looks like we are back in time, also I have noticed many old fashioned cars. I think our impressions would be different if we came any other day but due to Bayram we witnessed ritual slaughter of sheep (not nice but interesting) and also we could feel the special atmosphere sometimes.

20150923_180745_HDR 20150923_180813_HDR 20150923_181509_HDR 20150923_181925_HDR 20150923_185636_HDR


                                  20150923_193620_HDR 20150924_110213_HDR 20150924_111908_HDR 20150924_113009_HDR 20150924_113139_HDR 20150924_113241

20150924_114247_HDR 20150924_114829_HDR 20150924_115314_HDR 20150924_115544_HDR

20150924_115656_HDR 20150924_115742_HDR 20150924_122409_HDR

20150924_124452_HDR 20150924_124457_HDR 20150924_133753_HDR 20150924_155611_HDR


20150924_174036_HDR 20150924_175248_HDR 20150924_175504


20150924_180443_HDR 20150924_180805_HDR 20150924_180905_HDR

                                      20150925_092322_HDR 20150925_104556_HDR 20150924_115622_HDR

The end of our trip was also nice – we used Blablacar and our driver was waaay more than just a driver. He had water and sweets prepared for us, excellent playlists so we sang a lot, he told us many interesing things about Turkey, culture, the festival, language and and the end dropped us in his hometown (Yalova) by the sea so we could see a smaller town as well (no foreign tourists, thanks). He helped us with the ferry and finally we reached Istanbul safe and sound, with great views and even better memories. Ah, and the views on the way – awesome.


20150925_164629_HDR 20150925_164633_HDR12048646_10208125247474620_677977575_n

20150925_163614_HDR 20150925_164530_HDR


                                         20150925_184020_HDR 20150925_192521_HDR

I love Turkey and its everything – places, people, hospitality and the way I can encounter different perspective of life. Until next time because we have already planned more trips. Erasmus ❤