Breath out, breath in. American oxygen


Ok so… I haven’t been writing for along time,I guess I have been so ambitious when i first started blogging, I was like “oh I am gonna describe all my travel adventures, all the details, all the pictures, blablabla” but actually, while travelling is exciting itself, writing about it after a long time seems like a duty, so no no, big no.
But now, many months after I last posted anything, I am in a completely new stage of life, I’ve changed everything, starting with the fact that I’ve changed the continent!

So I live in America, in the USA to be exact and in New York state to be even more exact. Anyways lots of people ask me what I am even doing here, like if it’s been a surprise for anyone that I’ve moved somewhere else again ;p
I came to the USA a little more than a month ago and I am an au pair (yaay), ever since I got to know about the whole thing I wanted to come but studies, other travels, you know… I didn’t really think it’s gonna actually happen since it seemed like there was always something else to do. Last year, after completing my master in law I went to study abroad (again), in Istanbul, I fell in love with this city and nothing will beat it, I am sure. I spent almost half a year travelling and living in Turkey, came back to Poland just to repack my bags and explore Morocco for two weeks (to avoid my post-erasmus depression). But then the reality hits you haaaard (just kidding). Eventually I had to go back to univeristy in order to complete my second master so while I was kinda grounded in Warsaw I decided to find a job and actually do something serious in my life. Well, I didn’t want to do anything law related so started working in media house which was awesome and great and all the good stuff. The only thing I didn’t like about my new 9-5 corporate job was the fact that I couldn’t just hop on the plane when I found good deals, as I used to do before. To keep myself in kind of travel mode I hosted some more awesome travelers from around the world on couchsurfing and I did travel a little in Poland (my favourite country anyways!) buuut I started missing adventures too badly. I bookedmy tickets to London since I liked it a lot for the first time I’ve been there but it wasn’t enough. And enough is enough, I decided to go all the way and change everything! I spent weeks preparing my application and I was counting days until it was complete and I started the whole “matching” process with host families in the USA. Au Pair is supposed to be a cultural exchange but of course it’s based on working as a care taker for the kids, living with the family and attending courses at the university. As usual I didn’t think twice when I spoke to the family that I liked and I just said YES so here I AM!!!

Packed my bags, obtained my second master, travelled to London, quit my job (not exactly in this order) and said goodbye to lots of amazing people back home, left Europe for the longers period so far…


Three days before I left I got my second master so nothing was holding be back anymore.

You don’t need many degrees to come here though


My lucky orange suitcase. Most accurate gift ever โค

It’s been 5 weeks since I came and I coulnd’t have made better decision. I have always been to so lucky when comes to people and this time was no different! I live with amazing family, but even before I got here I flew from Poland with bunch of cool girls who were going to do the same allover the USA plus I’ve met TONS of crazy, really great people who treat me better than I couln have imagined. I feel like home even though I am so far away and I am so excited every time I step out of the train station to go seemore of New York city! And I am gonna show you guys all the good (and maybe bad if they happen lol) things about living here, travelling, partying (big time!) and just living the american dream (kind of). Until next time, ciaaao! Or xoxo actually ;p

A glimpseย of my life here:




















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There is much more to come so I am gonna use nap times well ๐Ÿ˜‰ And since I am not so eager to travel in winter (godknows, the weather here was amazing for last few weeks but now somehow I don’t enjoy the rain that much) I will probably go back to my recent trips cause lots of pictures are waiting to be published ;p).

+ Yes, the cars are so big here.