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Winter in Cyprus – photo diary

Erasmus in Istanbul was amazing but in January, typically for January, it was snowing, it was cold and I didn’t expect this from Turkey 😉 And since our exams were almost over we… Continue reading

Travelling in Turkey: Polonezköy and Riva

Maybe not everyone knows that but in Istanbul (in the suburbs) there is “Polish” village called Polonezköy where about 30% of the inhabitants are people with Polish roots. Nowadays it is mostly touristic area… Continue reading

Travelling in Turkey: Ephesus and Pamukkale

Turkey is a very diverse country. One day you stay in a one of the biggest cities in the world and the other day you can spend in an ancient Greek city or… Continue reading

Travelling in Turkey: Izmir

Istanbul is a fantastic city but I knew that Turkey has so much more to offer so we made another trip two weeks ago. Our main goal was to visit Pamukkale but we… Continue reading

A month in Istanbul

It’s been exactly a month since I arrived to this amazing city but it feels like I’ve lived here for many months already. Here are some observations and my favourite things so far.… Continue reading

Princes’ Islands

Travel, sleep, repeat – we came back from Ankara, took some rest and next morning headed to Princes’ Islands (known as Adalar in Turkish). More than an hour on the ferry, beautiful views,… Continue reading

Ankara during Bayram (plus Yalova)

My classes at Istanbul Univeristy were supposed to start two weeks ago but surprisingly (or not?) I haven’t attanded any courses yet. One of the reasons was Bayram (known as Eid al-Adha in… Continue reading

Erasmus in Istanbul – first week, first impressions

My third exchange abroad most probably is the last one as I am about to graduate from my second faculty and leave the student’s years behind. I chose Istanbul for Erasmus because I… Continue reading

Travelling in Croatia: Samobor, Varazdin, Plitvice + Zagreb

As I have shown in previous posts about my Erasmus in Croatia the country is absolutely beautiful, diverse and worth seeing, totally. I will present last important spots that we visited when winter… Continue reading

Travelling in Croatia: Zadar, Krka, Split, Vodice

Zachęcone pięknem wybrzeża tydzień po pierwszej wycieczce później udałyśmy się na nieco dłuższą wyprawę. Z Zagrzebia wyjechaliśmy trzema samochodami w grupie 15 osób. Trasa obejmowała Zadar, Split, park narodowy Krka oraz Vodice. Była… Continue reading