I am 24 years old law graduate and international relations student from Poland, addicted to travels, always looking for a chance to see something extraordinary, open for new experiences, trying to squeeze my time in order to conquer the world. I have travelled to 31 countries and lived in 4 so far.


I love India, white chocolate, orange colour, travelling, roller blading, reading, writing and daydreaming.

I started travelling when I was a kid, I was moving with parents, school trips and my mom was always telling me: you have to use every chance to learn and travel because what I know and what you saw – those are the two things nobody can take them from you. And I stick to this. I study at two faculties because I love to know. I travel as much as I can because I love to see, move, experience, explore. And I love people and this is what matter the most in life.

I was wondering how to comibne my studies with travelling on a bigger scale that just summer vacation trips. I decided to study abroad and I did it twice – I studied in India (Kolkata) and in Croatia (Zagreb), this year I am doing it again, now in Turkey (Istanbul). And till date I think this is the best way for me to study, travel and not to miss anything important.